About Us

We created the Independent Professionals Network by listening to what our clients need in a professional service provider.In doing so, we think we’ve ticked all the boxes for you!

  • Genuine, independent advice
  • Qualified professionals with a ‘best-practice’ ethos
  • A group of individual specialists who coordinate and cooperate to benefit you
  • Small business mind set and pricing, backed by big business acumen
  • Information sharing ensuring minimal duplication, concise reporting and efficient document delivery

The Independent Professionals Network was formed out of a clear client need to provide personalised, professional advice across a number of different disciplines.Our unique collective is a select group of independent businesses. Each individual is professionally qualified with decades of experience within their field. All have worked in larger enterprises before establishing their own businesses.

The Independent Professionals Network allows each member to focus on their specialised field, whilst providing a framework to confidently address a client’s additional needs amongst the professional peers within our network. We know each other.
We’ve worked with each other. Importantly, we share the same values and philosophies. All of these attributes meld together to provide best practice service and the optimum outcome for you. It also means that each of us will look after your needs in the same way; a way you can trust.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs and we take pride in bringing clarity to often complex situations. We are here to help you succeed in addressing your needs, goals and aspirations.